A bit about me

For as long as I can remember I was an ‘artist’. In grade school and high school my work was selected numerous times to be incorporated into county student art shows. In high school I was drawing tattoo designs for friends. Getting designs printed on t-shirts to sell and had rock posters I drew in charcoal hanging in hip local businesses on Long Island. Always the entrepreneurial spirit driving me.

I started with an associates degree in Commercial Art from Nassau Community College. But it didn’t stop there. I went on to Long Island University to graduate cum laude with a BFA in Arts Management which gave me a mix of fine art and business degree all in one. I was also part of the peer counseling program at L.I.U., an invitation only program to help mentor and guide incoming freshman.

In my last semester at L.I.U. I took an animation class and fell in love with technology. I ended up in publishing and soon learned HTML when the web was in its infancy. Over the years I stayed in publishing and held positions in graphic design, editorial and audience development, as well as working freelance for ad agencies and my own companies in Colorado and New York. 

During that time I became a certified fitness trainer as well as a specialist in martial arts conditioning through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) as a side career and personal knowledge due to my interest in living a healthy lifestyle.

I retired from publishing in 2010 resigning from my position as Creative Director of Hearst Business Media to start my own online marketing/web development firm FC Online Marketing and co-founding partner/owner of the fitness franchise iLoveKickboxing.

In 2012 I founded Magic Happens Foundation to bring fitness as a form of empowerment to cancer patients after going through my own experience with cancer treatment. I was the first recipient of the ICA’s Arnold Schwarzenegger Legacy Award for my work in philanthropy.

After selling my ownership in the marketing business and kickboxing franchise company I spent the next few years focusing on Magic Happens Foundation and going back to my fine art roots as a professional artist/fine art photographer and opened my first fine art gallery The Breadth Within in Roalyn, NY. The gallery also housed yoga therapy and various empowerment classes for Magic Happens Foundation. This brought me into the inspirational speaker/coaching space, giving lectures and classes on self empowerment and motivational practices.

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Magic Happens Foundation

Daniella is the founder/president of Magic Happens Foundation. The 501(c)(3) non-profit focuses on empowering cancer patients through its unique, holistic approach in wellness, fitness, nutrition and personal growth during treatment. Magic Happens Foundation believes passionately that a healthy and positive lifestyle can have a profound impact and give hope to those fighting and surviving this disease and those who love them. www.MagicHappensFoundation.org

Speaking Engagements

After creating Magic Happens Foundation, Daniella found herself  giving talks to help inspire and encourage people to create an empowered life for themselves. She found her own experience with cancer and life itself helped people identify with her as a source of encouragement in finding their own empowerment to face life head on. 

Daniella was the first recipient of the ICA's Arnold Schwarzeneggar Legacy Award presented by the former governor himself for her foundation work and is on a mission to bring hope and empowerment to others.