Music and entertainment media and marketing

Daniella is the founder of the ROVA Entertainment Marketing. Marketing, media and business services for the entertainment and creative fields. 

Services include:


Video Production



Business Consulting 

Copyright Guidance

Branding & Identity

PR & One-Sheets

Merchandising & Promotional Printing


Magic Happens Foundation


Daniella is the founder/president of Magic Happens Foundation. The 501(c)(3) non-profit focuses on empowering cancer patients through its unique, holistic approach in wellness, fitness, nutrition and personal growth during treatment. Magic Happens Foundation believes passionately that a healthy and positive lifestyle can have a profound impact and give hope to those fighting and surviving this disease and those who love them.


Speaking Engagements

After creating Magic Happens Foundation, Daniella found herself  giving talks to help inspire and encourage people to create an empowered life for themselves. She found her own experience with cancer and life itself helped people identify with her as a source of encouragement in finding their own empowerment to face life head on. 

Daniella was the first recipient of the ICA's Arnold Schwarzeneggar Legacy Award presented by the former governor himself for her foundation work and is on a mission to bring hope and empowerment to others.

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